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Metagrams are interesting tasks in which you need to change 1 letter to get a certain word. Proceed to the decision!

But first, let’s learn something new. Examples of riddle-metagrams:

I need for warmth with “v”
  And sometimes for treatment;
  If you change “v” to “x”,
  That will turn out a building.

You do not value me in vain –
  I can satiate you.
  But if you change “u” to “e”,
  I will run through the trees.

Metagrams can be solved only in translation into Russian language.

Metagramms: solve

Make of king wind, inserting an adjective.

King – ……. – wind.

Turn the bad into red.

Bad – ……. – red.

Make a rat out of the car.

Car – ……. – rat.

Turn the excuse into a box.

For – ……. – box.

Watch the cooking!

Look – ……. – cook.

metagramms for kids

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Издательство Clever